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Atami House Parking Guide

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

First, you'll come to a three-way intersection with a police station on the corner. You're going to want to turn up the road that leads up the hill.

There are two parking spots available a 1-minute walk away from Japan Countryside. To get to the parking lot, you’ll want to drive to ____________. When you see the old café sign (blue), start looking for the parking lot entrance on the right.

After turning, you’ll see a driveway. Make sure to turn right again before the driveway to get into the parking lot.

Parking spot #1

Parking spot #2

There’s a staircase up to the house on the left

of parking spot #1.

At the top of the stairs, turn left. You should see another Japan Countryside sign on the right. When you turn there, you will see…

The staircase to the West House. Make sure to turn right to access the picnic area and East House.

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