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Atami From A Westerner's Viewpoint

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Hi all,

Writing in from Atami this is Austin Flynn, the current resident at Atami, traveler

and stand-in blogger for the site.

Starting today I'll be updating the Atami blog and enjoying the finer things in this beautiful ocean view house in the mountains. It's my goal to bring content to the site on a fairly regular basis that will guide Westerners that can't speak a word of Japanese.

From posting the summer fireworks schedule to suggested Atami restaurants and various points of interest, I'm going to do my best to have a comprehensive Atami guide for anybody looking to stay in this lovely mountain getaway.

My blog is and I'll be providing a more personal look on the experience at the website, so if you're more interested in day-to-day life rather than specific information on the area give the site a look and leave a comment if you have any specific questions that need to be answered.

My email is if you'd like to contact me that way as well. Looking forward to posting some pictures and getting you all to experience the onsen-filled city of Atami.



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