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Getting To Know Atami House

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

We've had a couple articles about how to get to Atami house and what to do when you get there, but it just dawned on me that we don't have anything written about the house itself. Well that all changes today.

Currently, the Atami house is a one building setup with accommodation in the East house. The West House is the first house you will encounter as you walk up the steps to Japan Countryside but is currently under renovation.

If you take a right after you walk up the steps, you'll immediately find the ocean view terrace leading up to the East House. The terrace has two tables shaded by two umbrellas and most days has a nice breeze blowing through it to keep you cool.

The East House has a porch entrance and a main entrance. The porch entrance leads directly into the living room where you'll be able to find an air conditioner, a television(fully equipped with cable) and a few tables and chairs. It is carpeted, though, so be sure to take off your shoes before entering. The main entrance has a small landing to place your shoes as well as a few umbrellas for use at your time in Atami. And even though you might have sworn off Facebook for this retreat into the mountains, there is WiFi for those of you who need to stay up to date on your favorite Netflix show or are waiting on an important email.

As a whole, the East House has three tatami-style bedrooms(two of them being in the basement, an upstairs and downstairs toilet, one shower, one washing machine, a microwave and toaster, a spacious kitchen that overlooks the ocean and a refrigerator. Although it's just been myself and one other person staying in the East House, it seems best suited to a group outing as there is more than enough space for upwards of 6-10 people.

Windows facing the ocean and others facing the West House line two sides of the upstairs bedroom and both allow plenty of light in for all of those early risers out there. The windows are also fully screened and have sliding covers for those of you who would prefer to sleep in.

The location is great because it's close enough to the city to walk into town or catch a bus, but it's far enough away that you feel like you're getting a completely different experience to city life, a topic that I've actually tackled in more depth in a post on my own blog.

From the porch you have a front-row view of the rising sun over the ocean in the morning, and if you look in the opposite direction, you can watch the sun fall behind the mountains as oranges and purples slowly creep Atami at dusk. And although the house is quite big and suited to more people, it does make for a nice, relaxing getaway for two with only a few quiet neighbors in the vicinity.

Here are a few pictures of the house and the surrounding area:

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